Ministry of Consolation

The mission of the Ministry of Consolation is to walk with and support with loving care those who are grieving for lost loved ones.

The grief one experience’s over the loss of a loved one is of a personal nature where the heartache is unique to each individual. The days at the time of loss and shortly afterwards can be darken by the deep sense of lonely-ness. We in the Ministry of Consolation are committed to provide loving support particularly during this time with our efforts at the vigil, funeral mass, funeral luncheon as well as long after the loss.

As time passes, and with the healing love of Our Lord, light begins to enter the dark days and finally begins to lessen the hurt. The grieving, in order to continue the healing process, must move on and begin a new life. There is pain when grieving while others are celebrating. A loneliness when family and friends are out and one is alone. As a means to address this void and continue the healing, the Ministry of Consolation provides socials such as potluck dinners, movies, trips to theaters, excursions, etc. The socials provide a bridge to a new life where one can meet others and participate in social activities, entering a new life while honoring that of a lost love. 

Ministry of Consolation key contacts:

Sharon Brown
Gerry Burgoon
Joanne Bruno
Mary Hatam
Dolores "Doe" Porta
Kathy Rebholz
Helen Wolfe

Resources for Those Who Are Grieving

Listing/times of local bereavement support groups:

Excela Grief Support Groups

GriefShare Support Group 
Beginning in Early September
Tuesdays 7pm - 9 pm
Holiday Park United Methodist Church
81 Sandune Drive

To Register:
Shirley Leslie 724-733-1042 or Jane Irwin 724-327-0093