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Mother Teresa Outreach was initially organized in September, 2005, to assist victims of Hurricane Katrina by partnering with Our Mother of Sorrows (OMOS) Catholic Church in Mississippi. This parish of 65 predominantly African-American families is situated in East Biloxi, one of the poorest sections in the area.

Due to logistics, the Mother Teresa Outreach main form of assistance to Biloxi has been financial. Thanks to the extraordinary benevolence of Mother of Sorrows parishioners, $52,000 has been contributed to our sister parish for their church and social hall restoration, and individual parishioner needs. In addition, music hymnals were sent, Christmas pageant costumes were made, and a most successful "Letters to Santa" campaign provided toys and gifts to 44 OMOS children.



On December 10, 2005, Bunny and Carolyn, both from OMOS, graciously accepted an invitation to visit Mother of Sorrows. Bunny, who is also the choir director for OMOS, spoke and sang at the Masses. This uplifting visit truly gave a "face" to those we desired to help. The outpouring of love shown to these courageous women by our parish family was amazing, and as Bunny was heard to say, "I came here and did not meet a stranger!"


Bunny & Carolyn experience snow
for the first time!

Bunny sings at mass.

Our Mother of Sorrows Families (and children) Thank Mother of Sorrows at Christmas Time

In April of 2006, 12 MOS parishioners and 5 non-members traveled to Biloxi to help OMOS families in their rebuilding process. "The Biloxi Brigade" spent a week insulating, dry walling, painting, flooring and doing repair work on eight homes.




If you are interested in supporting these efforts, please contact:
Diane and Michael Scoletti