Local Support

Recently, a local woman was involved in a head-on collision resulting in multiple injuries and broken bones. She is confined to a wheelchair and has many months of rehab and treatment ahead of her. Mother Teresa volunteers were able to build a safe ramp so that she has an easier time entering and exiting her home.

The road she travels is not an easy one as her family has numerous health issues also. Because of the generosity of our Mother of Sorrow’s parishioners, her journey was made a little easier with the construction of the ramp and an additional rent payment. We feel blessed that we can be of service and bring her God’s love through our time together as good neighbors.


Getting rid of your car?
Local Support has several young families that are struggling and are unable to get to work due to lack of transportation.  If you have a car that you are thinking of donating, please give thought to donating to Mother Teresa Outreach to help these families.  Any questions, please contact Sally Rauscher.


Free Medical Clinic - Sheep Inc
This free faith-based medical clinic serves all uninsured and underserved children and adults and is held every Thursday, 6:00 - 8:45 p.m.  This is an outreach ministry of Monroeville Assembly of God, 4561 Old William Penn Highway, Monroeville, 412-856-7900, Extension 27.  A family practice physician is available.  No appointments are needed.  This is NOT an emergency center.   If you have a medical degree and are interested in volunteering, please call the above number.


About Local Support of Mother Teresa Outreach:

Mother Teresa Outreach's impact in its eleven years of existence at Mother of Sorrows:

  • families have not been evicted because we were there to help;
  • children are safe and warm because their families received help with their utility bills;
  • phones are working and water has not been turned off;
  • cars have been repaired allowing our friends to keep their jobs;
  • homeless families are now settled in safe, permanent housing;
  • people in abusive situations were moved to places where they could remain safe;
  • individuals have been supported through the GED process, training, or education endeavors to better prepare for future employment;
  • people have been able to get to job interviews, doctor’s appointments, or work after receiving gas cards;
  • clothing, furniture, appliances have been provided to families in need; and
  • monthly financial support is provided to the Mother of Sorrows Food Pantry

We thank the Mother of Sorrows parish family for continuing to support these efforts and bring the Gospel message to light.

Local Support

Why is there a need for a Local Support Committee?

Some may find it hard to believe, but some of our neighbors face great hardships.

How does the Local Support Committee function?

Generally, clients are referred to the Local Support Committee from the Mother of Sorrows Parish office. Each of our MTO clients is interviewed to help us assess their needs. Two volunteers of the Local Support Committee (who have been trained in confidentiality and interview techniques) go and visit with the family in their home. During this time they determine what significant issues the family is facing and they provide appropriate referrals and resources. All information is kept in the strictest confidence.

What are the priorities of the Local Support Committee?

First and foremost, the volunteers always provide spiritual support – with caring, compassionate and non-judgmental concern. We are neighbors in the truest Gospel sense when we visit with our clients.

What impact has the Local Support Committee made in our communities?

The Local Support Committee of MTO sees clients from the communities of Murrysville, Export and Delmont as well as any Mother of Sorrows parishioner (regardless of residence). Perhaps the best indicator of the impact are the many warm notes of appreciation from our clients expressing their deep gratitude to the Mother of Sorrows parishioners for their support – helping them in their time of need.

Is there a typical client served by the Local Support Committee?

We have come to understand that there is no such thing as a typical client. With your support foreclosures on family homes have been prevented and homeless families have found housing. Because of your support you have helped families get their electricity or gas service turned on, and for others your support has prevented it from being shut off. This is also true for families needing water and phone service restored. Your caring generosity has translated into families being able to store and prepare their food, so that they can share meals as a family in their own warm and safe home.

Many of our clients have faced unexpected tragedies and medical emergencies. We have transported clients to doctor’s appointments and professional services. We have provided emergency housing in times of crisis. We have walked with clients suffering from grief and loss.

We believe that we have been instrumental in encouraging single moms to stay in college or get needed training for future jobs. We helped buy Christmas gifts for children facing a bleak holiday.

We refer people to the Mother of Sorrows Community Food Pantry in order to ensure that families do not have to go hungry. We have provided some gently-used household items and appliances for some our clients whose homes house few amenities that are everyday necessities to most of us. We have also provided gently-worn clothes for some our clients whose closets are sparse.

What is the legacy of the Local Support Committee?

We endeavor to be as supportive as possible for all of our clients. We seek to provide whatever direct assistance we can and encourage our clients to use those other providers of service in our area with whom we collaborate. Most importantly we hope that our legacy will be that at the times when someone feels desperate and alone we can provide the caring touch of a loving neighbor.

A final message from the Local Support Committee:

We hope that the parishioners of Mother of Sorrows and the supporters of the Mother Teresa Outreach Ministry will realize the difference they are making in the lives of our neighbors. And we, the Local Support Committee of MTO ask for your continued prayers for all who experience need.

We also extend our deepest appreciation for your support that allows us the joy of meeting our neighbors and walking with them on their journey – if only for a short time.