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Mother of Sorrows Supports Local Soldier

Pictured here is our soldier with Afghan children in a nearby town who enjoyed your gifts. 

Thanks to the parish for your support, as we recently sent gifts to the platoon of an SPC stationed in Afghanistan for the Afghan children. When asked what he and his men might need, he explained that they were fine, but that he would enjoy sharing with the kids some ball point pens.  He explained to his mom that they love “pens!!” So… at his request we sent 100 pens and 200 super balls to be distributed to the kids. Thanks to this soldier and his platoon for spreading Jesus’ word through small acts. The pens were distributed at a local school.  (He also reported the troops kept a few of the superballs for themselves!) 

We also would like to thank the Key Club of Franklin Regional High School for their terrific letters that they wrote to him.  Also, sent were a variety of blessed medals and prayer cards, and DVD’s.